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About Sunyata:
Jim Gawne and Stuart Munro founded Sunyata in a previous century. Their goal was to create orginial world music, locally. They imagined a sonic Mediterranean cruise with ports of call in South West Canada sailing into the American South West. Their imaginations are vivid. And so is the music.

Gypsy Sun ° Gypsy Moon was recorded on Saturna Island in a palace of tranquility and gypsy thrash. It was released world-wide and has charted in the top 5 in the World Music ratings of some obscure World Music magazines that aren’t available locally.

Instruments: Only acoustic instruments were used in this recording. And some of them were harmed. Jim's 'mandolized' instruments were used unsparingly.

    Track List:
  • Cayuse Flats   © Jim Gawne
  • Yo No Se   © Jim Gawne
  • She Sleeps   © Jim Gawne
  • Gitano Django   © Jim Gawne
  • Dansk Statique   © Jim Gawne
  • Blue, Wet, Deep   © Jim Gawne
  • Desert Sky   © Stuart Munro
  • Gypsy Moon   © Jim Gawne
  • 4U Ina   © Jim Gawne

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